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Fair Day 2017 - Stalls Application

  • 19 Feb 2017
  • 7:00 AM - 8:00 PM
  • Camperdown Memorial Rest Park, Lennox St Camperdown


  • *** Not for general use***
  • This area is open to members of the Team Sydney Sports Association and other sporting groups. The Sports Village has a full day of events from its member associations and other groups. One of the highlights of the day is the annual tug of war

Important Notice
It is with great pleasure we can confirm The 2017 Fair Day will be held at Camperdown Memorial Rest Park. We thank you for your patience over this prolonged period.


One of the community's most-loved events, Fair Day attracts more than 70,000 people who enjoy a selection of international cuisine while perusing wares from local community vendors and learning more about local LGBTQI organisations. It is topped off with wonderful all-day entertainment, including programming on the main stage and the fantastic dance tent, ensuring that there's something for everyone, including you.

Please note that payment processing is required with your application, so please have your credit card ready. 

Note that should an application be declined by SGLMG, any fees paid with the application will be refunded, which SGLMG will endeavour to process as soon as possible.



Fair Day takes place on Sunday 19 Feb 2017

Activity: Time:
Park Opens for Bump In / Stall Set up                           


Vehicles off the Park


Event Open Time


Event Close Time


Vehicles permitted back on Park for Bump Out       


*All timing above subject to change as directed by SGLMG Production team – see Terms & Conditions 





  • Please ensure you have read, understood and agreed to all Terms and Conditions laid out for Stallholders prior to completing your application. All applications are processed in line with the Terms and Conditions    
  • The notes below are to assist with your application, and in no way replace the Terms and Conditions. The notes should be read in conjunction with the Terms and Conditions  
  • Any breach of the Terms and Conditions may result in cancellation of your application, or closure of your Stall, at any time, without refund.

After your application is completed, you will receive an email to confirm it has been received. Please note that payments are processed through Wild Apricot at the time of your application.

  • Please enter ALL contact details for your organisation.
  • Phone: As our volunteers are only available in the evenings to process your application, please provide us with an evening phone number.
  • Email: As far as possible Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras (SGLMG) will use email as a means of communication with applicants and Stallholders. We provide confirmation documents and bump in details via email. Ensure your email address is correct.
  • Stall Location Preference: Please review the map in this Application Pack for details of the proposed park layout, and indicate the areas of the Park that you would prefer to locate your stall/s. This information will assist with the allocation of stalls – if you have any other requests regarding location, please note them in the ‘comments’ section of the application.
  •    Note: If there are not enough places to satisfy all requests (allocated on first come first served basis), Stallholders will be placed in an alternate position. Stalls may be located/moved by SGLMG at any stage for operational reasons.
  • Electricity Requirements: If you require electricity please advise the EXACT number of outlets you need based on the number of electrical appliances & stalls you have. Make certain you know how much power your machines require and plan properly for the number that can operate from one power board. As there are only a limited number of powered sites available, stalls requiring power will be grouped together. 
  •   Note: It is your responsibility to ensure that all electrical appliances, cables and leads on site are appropriately tagged by a qualified electrician in advance. SGLMG Production will conduct random inspections of stalls to ensure compliance with this important request.       
  • BYO Stalls: If you wish to use your own tent/stall, you must ensure it is no wider than 3m x 3m. Stallholders must also have current engineering certificates available on request. SGLMG Production will conduct random inspections of stalls to ensure compliance with this important request. No holes or pegs are permitted on the park surface and all structures must be self standing and suitably weighted.

Standard Market Stall configuration is as per the following diagrams:


  • Arrival Times: Due to the large number of stallholders, it is important to stagger the arrival times for stall set up. In order to assist in this process, you must specify on the application form your preferred arrival time at Fair Day to set up your stall. It must be between 7:00am - 9.00am on the day of the event. If we cannot give you your preferred time, we will give you a time as close as possible to it. Please note that your stall location may affect the scheduling of your arrival time in order to minimise traffic congestion on site.
  • Props/Items on the Park: If you have any special requirements or you wish to use props like a motorcycle, you must specify this in the special requirements section of the application.
  • Parking: There is NO PARKING available onsite. Vehicles must be removed from the park by the time specified by SGLMG, and may not return to the park until permitted by SGLMG.
  • Sponsorship or Advertising: As SGLMG relies on sponsors/ partners to support our fundraising events such as Fair Day, it is important that we identify as early as possible any potential issues or conflicts between our sponsors and our Stallholders. If you have ANY sponsorship or advertising arrangements please indicate this so that we can resolve any issues well in advance. Stallholders should note that SGLMG's arrangements with its partners will take precedence over individual Stallholders product or service displays at Fair Day, and we will request modification to the appearance of your stall or the range of products you are selling on the day if we find they are in conflict with our contractual arrangement
  • Food Stall CoS Requirements: All food Stallholders must comply with the requirements of the City of Sydney for operating a food stall. City of Sydney Council officers will be present to inspect food stalls on Fair Day. The City of Sydney requires all food stallholders to store food in a cool room if stalls are operating for more than 3 hours. Share cool rooms will be available for hire. The selection of food stalls will be made as soon as possible and successful applicants will be notified.
  • Food Stall Items list: Applications must include a full list of the items to be sold from the Food Stall. Items not appearing on the list may not be sold. Items may not be given away or provided free of charge from Food Stalls. Should any changes be required to the list in your application, SGLMG will contact you. Ensure you have read the Terms and Conditions to understand items which are not permitted.



Deadline: Date:
Early Bird Discount Ends CLOSED
Food Stall Applications Close CLOSED
All other Stall Applications Close                           CLOSED


EARLY BIRD STALL PRICING (Valid until 02 Dec 2016)

Early Bird Pricing has now ended. Prices automatically increased to regular pricing once the Early Bird Discount period ends.

Note that to benefit from Early Bird Pricing, you must complete your application and make payment in full by the Early Bird Discount End date above. Applications which have not been paid in full by this date will be increased to the standard/full price.  

GENERAL STALL PRICING (Valid from 3 Dec 2016) 



Space Allocated(Frontage x Depth) 

Standard Market Stall included 

General Pricing 

 Premium Commercial Stall  3m x 3m  Yes

$ 1,285 

 Superior Commercial Stall   3m x 3m  Yes

$    985 

 Standard Commercial Stall  3m x 3m  Yes

$    680 

 Doggywood Stall  3m x 3m  Yes

$    680 

 Arts Stall  3m x 3m  Yes

$    450 

 Sports Village Stall  3m x 3m  Yes

$    330 

 Community Stall  3m x 3m  Yes

$    330 

All prices are inclusive of GST     

EQUIPMENT HIRE PRICING (No Early Bird discounts) 

Description: Fee:
Electricity (First Outlet)

$    185

Electricity (Per Additional Outlet)

$      50

Vehicle Tracking Rental (2 Boards)

 $    125

Flooring Rental (3m x 3m)

 $    125


 $      10

Food - Shared Cool Room

 $    180

Food - Prep Market Stall (2.4m x 2.4m) 

  $    135

Food - Service Market Stall (2.4m x 2.4m)                 

 $    135

Food - Hand Wash Station 

                 $    125

All prices are inclusive of GST


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